Hottest Toys Christmas 2019

It is officially Holiday Shopping time…when it comes to the hottest new toys for Christmas 2019, waiting will most definitely cost you. The hottest new toys tend to sell out, or prices for hard to find toys can skyrocket if you wait. We’ve compiled a list of some of the newest hot toys for this holiday season for you to get going on that Christmas gift list. The list is in no particular order just a list of the top picks for all age groups and genders.

What is the newest toy craze?

One of the newest toy crazes for Christmas 2019 goes along the lines of crazes of the past like LOL dolls and fingerlings.This year fingerlings have added an adorable Fingerling Narwhal character that is interactive and lights up.

Another craze will be the Kindi Kid doll sets. Each set comes with an adorable 10” doll with brightly colored hair and several accessories for hours of pretend play. Popular colors and characters are sure to sell out so don’t wait to get yours.

What new toys are coming out for Christmas 2019?

There are several new toys this Christmas season, but one of the hottest new toys is the Air Hogs Zero Gravity remote control car. This is an awesome new toy which features some amazing tricks like wall climbing remote control cars in red or blue, and an LED lighted remote control.

What are the hottest toys for Christmas this year?

Obviously, this is not an all inclusive list of the dozens of hot new toys this Christmas shopping season, but it is a great jumping off point to get your shopping started. Every toy on this list has great reviews and we’ve included toys for different ages and at different price points. The hot new toy trends this season include fun digital games, coding toys for young learners, and also include some timeless classics like potato man, legos, and play doh sets.


Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg Series 3

If you’re familiar with the previous mystery egg series, this is basically the same, but this time it’s in a purple egg. There are 15 prizes inside including variations of: tattoos, figures, putty, stickers, and new vehicles. The appeal here is obviously the surprise and the association with the popular, Ryan’s World. The contents may be underwhelming when compared to the price tag, but it’s sure to be on many little one’s wishlist.

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet

This is an adorable plush interactive puppet for preschool kiddos. It comes in all of the different colors and characters: daddy, mommy, and of course baby shark! Move the puppet’s mouth and the hit song begins. The coolest part about this puppet is the tempo control…move the puppet’s mouth faster and the song speeds up. This is sure to be a hot gift this holiday season and get stuck into the heads of parents everywhere!

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

The Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear is sure to be a major hit. This version walks and turns, has wings that pop out and a light up laser. Of course he also speaks his signature phrases such as, “Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!”. He even boasts a “secret move” to delight children 3 and up. The movie was a hit this year and this Buzz Lightyear walking talking toy is set to be a hit as well.

Play doh Wheels Firetruck Set

Play doh is a timeless classic and you almost can’t go wrong with play doh as a gift for kids this holiday season. This new set is extra special as it features a colorful toy fire truck and 5 soft play doh colors, one of which is swirled blue and white to look like water shooting from the fire truck hose. The entire fire truck features dozens of molds to use with the playdoh for hours and hours of fun, creative play.

Potato Man Moving Lips

Another timeless classic toy that is always a hit with toddlers is The Potato Man, the newest versions come as popular characters such as Marvel superheroes, Star Wars, and Toy Story characters. This version is the first interactive Potato Man toy, featuring moving lips! He has over 50 songs and phrases to share including the hit “Lips are Moving” by Meghan Trainor. Most of your existing potato man pieces will still be compatible with this one as well.

Fisher Price Code n Learn Kinderbot

For your little engineer or science kiddo, Fisher Price has introduced a STEM toy robot for ages 3-6 with a fun interactive toy robot. A great way to introduce the world of coding to a little one, with three ways to play and learn. He is built tough for toddlers and would be a great gift choice for toddlers to Kindergartner kids.

Blume Dolls

These adorable dolls emerge from cute little flower pots. These are already a hit gift and the surprise happens when water is sprinkled onto the flowerpot with the accompanying watering can. There are 22 different dolls to collect and each has a unique look and hairstyle.

Oranguetwang Game

Games are always a great choice for young kids, they encourage family game time and are great ideas for the kids who seem to have tons of toys already. This game is for ages 4 and up and 2 or more players and is fun and exciting for little ones. The object of the game is to hang your game piece somewhere on him and not get caught when he springs back up and goes twang!

Pictionary Air

For the older board game lovers on your Christmas shopping list check out the new version of the classic game Pictionary. This version features a Pictionary Air pen, 112 two-sided game cards, a card holder and even the battery for the pen. The Pictionary Air App is simply downloaded to your tablet or other device then let the games and fun begin! You can also cast the drawn images and game onto your smart TV for even more fun.

Paw Patrol Mighty Pets Jet Command

For your little Paw Patrol fans this newest command center toy is sure to impress. It features a special Ryder figurine and separate jet that ejects from the jet command center. This hot new toy also features lights, sounds, and disc launcher. This will be a great addition to any Paw Patrol fan’s collection.

Lego Creator 3 in1 Deep Sea Creatures

One of the hottest lego toys this Christmas is the Deep Sea Creatures set which features a 3 in 1 set including: a shark, squid, angler fish, and a crab. No Holiday toy shopping list would be complete without at least one new lego set in the mix. Legos are awesome for both boys and girls of many ages and encourage creativity and engineering. This is a great addition to your lego lover’s collection. It is recommended for ages 7 and up.

Leapfrog RockIt Twist Learning Game

This is sure to be a hit this holiday season! Leapfrog has designed a new handheld digital learning game for kids ages 4-8. Coming in right under the $50 mark this gift features 12 different games and comes in green and purple.Kids can “hatch and grow” RockIt pets from eggs to adults, as well as play through puzzles and play music. The games promote literacy and math skills as well as creativity.

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